Ethan Harbinson, born in Key West, adopted surfing as a lifestyle 4 years ago in the East Coast’s most consistent wave and hometown: New Smyrna Beach.

Ethan dropping on a left. Photo credit to @tharbinson718

He is a true champion and has an aggressive spirit of competition. When we asked him about his professional career, we were impressed at his answer: “I have won 4 East Coast titles, last year I won Rip Curl Grom Search and USA Surfing Prime I placed 6th overall. I love competing in local surf contests as well. Contest season is just getting fired up again and I have my goals set high.”

Credits to @tharbison718

Ethan has surfed all over California, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Atlantic City, the Outer Banks, Florida and Virginia Beach. He would like to going surfing Costa Rica some time soon; and if he had the choice of going surfing anywhere, it would be the Maldives or Indo.

When we asked Ethan what he has learned about his hometown spot, New Smyrna Beach, he said: ” I see sharks all the time in New Smyrna. When I learned to surf I learned from the locals and they taught me how to be careful and aware in the water. Ya know, drag your feet walking out and don’t dangle your drumsticks in the water as my mom would say!”

Ethan sponsors are: RVCA, Red Dog Surf Shop, Erie Peeples Surfboards, Dakine, Surface Sunscreen, Globe, Xcel Wetsuits and GoJuice. Credits to @surfsupwolf

“The best wave is Frisco in the Outer Banks. After being there last week surfing perfect hurricane swell, its all I can think about! The most consistently good wave is Trestles for sure. My favorite spot to surf is Middles in Puerto Rico. I am lucky enough to get to go to Puerto Rico a couple of times per year to surf.” replied Ethan when he was asked about his favorite waves and experiences.

He then continued, “There is always some fear riding big waves… but you just have to go for it. Make the drop and ride. The biggest wave I have ever surfed is probably 8-foot faces at Wilderness in Puerto Rico. It was during an NSSA contest there last year. Totally insane.”

Ethan is in 7th grade, homeschooled through Florida Virtual School. Credits to @surfsupwolf

“Any experience you want to recall about the influence of your parents in your surfing career?”, we asked.

“When I had first started surfing my dad would send me out to surf in the winter and he would drive down the beach in the car to keep an eye on me because of the drift. I would want to come in cold and he only let me come in to warm up as we drove back down to the starting spot. Back then I didn’t understand what he was trying to teach me, but now he can’t keep me out of the water year round! My dad is my coach, photographer and travel bro. My mom handles everything behind the scenes including all our travel plans and taking care of my brother and sister when were out of town.”, Ethan replied with excitement.

Credits to @tharbison718

The message Ethan wants to leave to the audience is: “I love surfing and I love the beach. I think that everyone who uses the beach should clean up after themselves and leave the beach like they found it. I hate to see people trashing the beach and leaving garbage everywhere. “

You can follow Ethan’s career follwing this link: @ethanharbinson

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