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At Sunglow Surf, we have seen this guy surfing for over a year. We have seen him stealthy riding as many as twenty-five great quality waves in a period of one hour at both: Sunglow Pier and Ponce Inlet…

Today, we are introducing Matt Zaccaria, a 23-year-old surfer from Ormond Beach, FL:

I started surfing around when I was 11 years old with my stepdad. I used to surf before school and after school in middle school at a beach called Granada.

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My first surfboard was an old 6’5″ Mad Dog that my uncle bought for me for Christmas. That made me want to start surfing a lot.

Some friends who I started surfing with were Robbie Merrell and Blaize Carroll.

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I don’t train. I just try to surf as much as I can. That is my training… Surfing big waves.

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When I am not surfing, I like to skateboard, fish, play golf or hang with friends.

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During my last surf contest, I got 4th place. It was called Eco Pro Surf Series. I made the final, but couldn’t put it together for a win…

My best result in contest surfing was when I made it to the Round of 32 at the Vans Pro 3000 in Virginia Beach, in 2015.

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Some of the music that I really listen is performed by these artists: Nirvana, Blink 182 and Smashing Pumpkins.

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I would say my favorite trip was the Outer Banks, NC… Always good seeing friends up there and surfing together.

I haven’t done much traveling, I have to work for my first good surf trip… I am thinking about Bali or Australia.

Matt Z 4

We asked him what he thinks about the surfing industry… to which he replied: “he surfing industry is nothing like it used to be. For example, there are so many talented surfers that do not have an opportunity unless they come from a rich background. I feel some of the kids getting paid lots of money don’t have to work as hard as others.”

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