After more than a few months since our first contest, Volusia County started accepting permits for surf contests again.  During the Covid break in our contest season, there were many emails that went back and forth with Volusia County Beach Safety and our directors. Volusia County Council people got involved, which helped get permits approved with a Covid plan. This Covid plan was required to be followed during the surf contest.

In the week and a half leading up to Contest # 2 at NSB Inlet, the winds and surf were relentless.  Rising surf and blowing winds are the norm for our fall and winter months.  Tides were super high and only allowed vehicle traffic for short periods during the day.  A venue change was needed, NSB Inlet would not be the ideal location with the conditions that we faced.  The call was made to hold the contest on day 2 of the holding at Bethune Beach, in New Smyrna.  

Bethune has all the amenities that are needed for a contest, a raised area for the contest tents, restrooms, and plenty of parking.  With the winds backing off considerably and even blowing offshores at times, the surf was a fun 3 to 5’ and improved as the tide filled in.  The rain was the biggest issue of the day.  At times, we all had to hold the tents down as the quick-moving rain squalls made a mess of the contest site.  Thankfully, those rain squalls were short-lived.  

As the tide filled in, many of the contestants surfed their heat on the inside.  This provided judges and spectators with a remarkably close view of the contest arena.  During the first part of the contest, many of the competitors made the long paddle to surf the outside and catch the set waves.  This proved to be a questionable strategy as some of the contestants surfed the inside and caught more waves.  

In the end, despite the rain and changing venues, we had a surprisingly good contest.  In the upcoming weeks, Contest #3 will be held at Ponce.  Hopefully, the weather plays nice and we look forward to seeing everyone again.

As of now, 20 days after the contest, none of the athletes have shown COVID-19 symptoms.

If swell shows up, the last contest of the year will be held at Ponce Inlet on 12/12 and 12/13.

written by Jason Eastwood

ESA Standard Point Matrix for 2020 Season – 2021 Championships

Event 1 was held in New Smyrna Beach and Event 2 was held in Bethune Beach.

Boys U1212TotalPlace
Luke Lopez10009001,900.01
Cash Nipper9008101,710.02
Everette Nipper65610001,656.03
Asher Eastwood7296561,385.04
Sawyer Glynn729729.05
Rad Regor810810.06
Gus Hultgren656656.07
Owen Taylor590590.08
Girls U1212TotalPlace
Alana Lopez100010002,000.01
Emily Clement8108101,620.02
Tracey Spruill900900.03
Boys U16(15 & Under)12TotalPlace
Donovan Vanek9009001,800.01
Victor Martinez10007291,729.02
Torrey Medina Jr.9008101,710.03
Charly Vera7296561,385.04
Ethan Harbinson10001,000.05
Asher Eastwood729729.06
Junior Men U18 (17 & Under)12TotalPlace
Torrey Medina Jr.10008101,810.01
Victor Martinez9009001,800.02
John Neal8106561,466.03
Christian Schwartz10001,000.04
Charly Vera729729.05
Masters (30-39)12TotalPlace
Josh NiCastro10009001,900.01
Rick Mellen90010001,900.01
Brandon Taylor8108101,620.03
Dane Hodgekins729729.04
Chris Wright729729.04
Senior Men (40-49)12TotalPlace
Stephan Nipple100010002,000.01
Jason Glynn8109001,710.02
Scott Anderson9007291,629.03
Jason Eastwood7298101,539.04
Legends (50 & Over)12TotalPlace
Lynn Harrington10001,000.01
Jay Smith10001,000.01
Jeffery Smarse10001,000.01
Ronald Kirk10001,000.01
Charley Hajek900900.05
Grand Legends (M/F 60 & Over)12TotalPlace
Kirk Oswell100010002,000.01
 Girls U14(13 & Under)12TotalPlace
Carlie Eastwood90010001,900.01
Alana Lopez8108101,620.02
Delaney Spruill6569001,556.03
Ava Lavender10001,000.04
Grace Podratz729729.05
Nelle Murphy656656.06
 Open Longboard12TotalPlace
Alan Ellison90010001,900.01
Rob Schweizer10008101,810.02
Brandon Taylor7299001,629.03
Jaedyn Wagner6567291,385.04
Maddie Franz810810.05
Kaylin Weinrich810810.05
Jason Weinrich729729.07
Junior Longboard U1812TotalPlace
Rob Schweizer100010002,000.01
Masters Longboard (35-49)12TotalPlace
Brandon Taylor100010002,000.01
Legends Longboard (50 & Over)12TotalPlace
Al Ellison100010002,000.01
Eddie Clement8109001,710.02
Jason Weinrich900900.03
 Jr. Womens Longboard U18 (18-34)12TotalPlace
Jaedyn Wagner81010001,810.01
Madison Franz10001,000.02
Kaylin Weinrich900900.03
Menehune Bodyboard (M/F 13 & Under)12TotalPlace
Emily Clement10001
Open Bodyboard (M/F All Ages)12TotalPlace
Chris Shaw10001
Emily Clement10001
Under 16 Girls12TotalPlace
Carlie Eastwood81010001,810.01
Delaney Sprull6569001,556.02
Niyah Rosen10001,000.03
Madison Lavender900900.04
Ava Lavender729729.05
Grace Podratz656656.06
Jaedyn Wagner531531.07
Mya Ruzmovich531531.07
Nelle Murphy430430.09
Under 18 Jr Womens SB12TotalPlace
Carlie Eastwood90010001,900.01
Niyah Rosen10001,000.02
Madison Lavender810810.03
Ava Lavender729729.04
Jaedyn Wagner729729.04
Morgan Morris656656.06
Grace Podratz656656.06
Boys U14 (13 & Under)12TotalPlace
Donovan Vanek100010002,000.01
Victor Martinez9007291,629.02
Asher Eastwood8108101,620.03
Ethan Harbinson900900.04
Charly Vera656656.05
Micro push in12TotalPlace
Sawyer Glynn10001,000.01
Natalie Vera10001,000.01
Ryder Winkler900900.03
Skylee Harbinson900900.03
Kohen Harbinson810810.05
Jake Fisher Jr.729729.06
Colby Taylor729729.06
Kieren AJ656656.08
Ladies 35+12TotalPlace
Alicia Simmons10001,000.01
Open Shortboard (M/F All Ages)12TotalPlace
Josh Nicastro10001,000.02,000.01
Rick Mellen900729.01,629.02
Stephan Nipple8106561,466.03
Brandon Taylor7298101,539.04
Jason Eastwood3496561,005.05
Jay Smith729729.06
Niyah Rosen590590.07
Morgan Morris590590.08
Madison Lavender478478.08
Torrey Medina478478.010
Scott Anderson478478.010
Dane Hodgekins349349.012

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