Seagull enjoying the sea.

Photography is the one constant hobby that I never outgrew! It has even surpassed Volleyball. I grew up on a 100 acre farm in Indiana, by the age of 10 I had a camera in my hand. That’s where I fell in love with nature, animals, and capturing magic.

Life happens …. moved to Florida at 14 and through high school I balanced Photography, school, working part-time, volleyball and boys. Took a nature photography class &  Learned B/W developing in a tiny darkroom and knew I had a future in Photography. 

Life happens…. Started college for business and accounting, married at 20 and had my daughter Rachael 13 days before I turned 21. My lil angel developed arthritis at the age of 3 and I juggled jobs, hospitals, and zero time for Photography.

Life happens…. My daughter and my lil family fought back and beat arthritis, it was in remission by 6 years old and medically doctors couldn’t explain how. She started T-ball and I got my camera back out. I was now a single mom.

Life happens… Lost my job, and bought a camera on ebay & I started my own Ebay business before it was a thing… created my career for 12 years.

Life happens…. My daughter got married, moved to Missouri and gave me 2 beautiful grand babies. I got an opportunity to go to work for Brown & Brown, changed careers at 42 and relocated to East Coast Fl. Started working out at the gym and playing beach volleyball again.

Life happens…. Helped a friend , rescued cat #2 , ended up in emergency surgery for a cat bite. No more volleyball , so my best friend said get up and come watch him play. I did. You know him as Kia.

My Life Changed Forever. I took a few photos with my phone and it immediately started stirring up my fire for Photography again. I bought a D3400 Nikon camera that I knew nothing about.

Then Hurricane Matthew came through & I went out adventuring in the debris for photos and ended back up in ER with a leg injury.

Got pretty depressed and my friend said come out and take photos, my sunsets and sunrises took off on social media. I taught myself to use that camera. 

Sunrise at Volusia County.

Another hurricane came through and I called Spectrum out, I met a serviceman who saw me working on photos and mentioned he surfed with his son on his back.

Life happens… almost 6 months later I took a staycation and contacted him to photograph him and his son… you know them as Jorge and Gabe.

THE REST IS HISTORY. Surf photography was just a perfect fit. Friendship, Surfing, Missions, and Purpose.

I was out shooting Jorge and took some photos of Matt Dayton, I reached out to contact him. A few weeks later I was part of a church called RealLife, and I was planning to go on a surfing missions trip to El Salvador with lots of Surf, sutfers, many challenges, and found a whole lot of focus and purpose for this crazy love I have for Photography, Action , Nature and capturing the magic of People .

I came back pretty sick, with a lot of sleepless nights to think, it was there that I decided to do #52weeks #52fundraisers. Volunteering for everything that I am passionate about: child advocacy & adoption, autism awareness, cancer fighting & research, animal advocacy, pet rescue, Make a wish foundation, Community events, Recycling, and more. I am almost halfway through my year & looking forward to my next adventure. I have met 1,000s of beautiful inspiring people, made lifetime friendships, and without a doubt know that I am on the right Path!

“Connecting the dots , one pixel at a time”

So when Life happens, grab your camera, a smile, and embrace the journey! Love and hugs – Joleen. JustABlink Photography

Contact : 941 315 1525
FB: Joleen Skerk
FB: JUSTABLINK Photography

Photography is my lifelong hobby. I am the Market Security Coordinator and Analyst for Brown & Brown.
I do limited private sessions for Surf, Family, Pet, Special Occasions, Engagement, Maternity, and all things to celebrate Baby and Children. I also love to capture lifestyle photos on vacations & family reunions. I love Corporate events. Kia is my licensed FAA drone Pilot for aerial photography and real estate. I do very select weddings. I volunteer my Photography services for a nonprofit or community program once a week.  

Pictures and Article written by Joleen Skerk.

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  1. Thank you Victor for sharing my life journey. You are so thoughtful to think of me. Your friendship and photos are such a blessing to all of us. So grateful we all found this community our place to call Home. #keeponinspiring


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