When you get to Ponce Inlet and see the beach full of groms you know the day will be fun. Even more when the Nipper twins are out there. These guys can do excellent maneuvers and the best bottom turns on the beach, their parents Joy and Nate have done a great job raising them, they are polite and respectful, they have a promising future in and out of the water. Meet the Nipper Twins in this article.

Where Are You From?

Everett: Ponce Inlet, Florida.

Cash: Lucky enough to be born and raised Ponce Inlet, Florida

Cash Nipper
Everett Nipper

What Is Your Age?

Cash & Ev: 10 years old.

What Was Your First Surfboard?

Ev: First hard board was A 5’0 Minami surfboard that my brother lost at the beach. I’m never sharing aboard with him again

Cash: My first surfboard was a 5’0” Minami that my brother and I shared. I, unfortunately, left it on the beach when I was five and now it’s gone.

Which one is/was your favorite board?

Ev: A 4’6″ Minami surfboard that we called “The Feather”…so sick, but I broke the nose off it a couple weeks ago. Glenn has a fresh 4’8” coming for me soon.

Cash: The one I ride now. A 4’8” Mayhem from Matt Biolos.

First Beach and Favorite Spot?

Ev: Born and raised in Ponce Inlet, Florida; so that’s my first and favorite break. I can walk, skate, or ride a bike there, so I love it.

Cash: My first and home break is Ponce. I can’t say too much about my favorite break, that’s top secret. I’ll tell you it’s in Costa Rica.

Why did you decide to start surfing?

Ev: I didn’t…My father made me. Hahaha… what a jerk.

Cash: Because I live next to an awesome break and I like being in the water.

Who are your surf friends?

Ev: We have a crew named the Shred Dawgs.

Cash: The Shred Dawgs.

What’s Your Favorite Music?

Ev: Metallica, Guns in Roses, Jack Johnson, and T.S.O.L. I like to play guitar so louder is better.

Cash: I play drums and piano in the family band and my favorite type of music is 80’s to 90’s rock along with Beatles and Queen.

Which One Has Been Your Favorite Trip So Far?

Ev: Costa Rica this spring break was pretty special. The waves were on fire. Got to enjoy it with my friends too, so it was Awesome.

Cash: My best trip was when I went to Chancletas Beach Resort and slept on a trampoline, ate Thanksgiving Dinner in a hut, had S’mores, rode a 4 wheeler, and got SHAKED all week.

Who Is Your Sponsor?

Cash & Ev: Maui Nix Surf Shop.

Do You Have a Training Routine Besides Surfing?

Ev: Does skating count? Maybe not, but my family does core workouts in the living room. We also play a lot of football.

Cash: Running, Football, yoga. You know… just keep moving.

What Was Your Best Event?

Ev: Is it weird that my favorite contest I didn’t even win? It was a North Carolina contest for the East Coast Grom Tour Championships and I got a buzzer-beater and tried an air, but my fins caught in dry sand and Luke Lopez toke the win. I got second place (and a free board), and got really sandy!

Cash: I had an East Coast Grom Tour event in the finals against my friends and my brother and won. That was also the first time I got carried up the beach.

How Important Is Surfing to You?

Ev: It’s what I want to do every day.

Cash: Number 4 on my list below God, Family, and Friends.

Is It Important to Keep Beaches Clean and Do You Think
Surfers Could Come Together on This?

Ev: I like 3 for the sea and projects like 4 ocean is a good way to help the environment, but my Mom picks up more trash than any body…We can all be a little more like her.

Cash: I think the locals at our break do a great job of keeping it clean and protected. Maybe we could have more trash cans so that if they are full, people won’t litter.

What Was Your Gnarliest Wipeout?

Ev: My most gnarly slam was probably in Costa Rica. I was super deep on the wave, too deep so the foam ball ate me up I snapped my leash and was yelling at Luke Lopez to save my board. Me and the board were headed for big rocks. Some guy I didn’t know helped on his
board to see if I was alright and helped me get out of the impact zone. I got a gnarly bruise from the fin, but my board was ok.

Cash: My Gnarliest wipeout was in Costa Rica a couple weeks ago when Cory pushed me on a bomb and I air-dropped 5 feet looking at shallow reef below me. Missed the reef though and popped up no problem. Pretty sure that was one of my 9 lives.

Anyone you want to thank for helping you get where you are

Ev: I would like to thank Cory Lopez for pushing me into the gnarliest waves. The Shred Dawgs for motivating me. My Dad for getting us started and being a funny dad. And Mom for our lifestyle.

Cash: I would like to thank Cory Lopez for being a mentor and my friends for pushing me harder every day. Also, thanks to Corey Willey and Maui Nix for helping us with all of our surf gear.

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Our Instagram accounts are: @cash_nipper and @ev_nipper.

The Nipper Family

More Pictures of Us Surfing:

Photo Credits: Nipper Family and Sunglow Surf.

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