When we talk about parents committed to the education of their children, we have to talk about the Eastwood’s. Michelle and Jason are the proud parents of Asher and Carlie. Both parents share the passion of the water with their children. We always see Jason in the water surfing his kids and Michelle taking pictures from the beach. It should be mentioned that Jason is currently the new Director of the ESA North Central Florida District.

Where Were You Born?

Asher: I was born at Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando, but I’ve always lived in New Smyrna Beach.

Carlie: I was born at Winnie Palmer in Orlando but have lived in New Smyrna all my life.

How Old Are You?

Asher: 8 years old

Carlie: 11 years old

When Did You Start Surfing?

Asher: I started surfing at age 4.  My dad would take me out at the inlet on one of his boards with a life jacket.

Carlie: At age 6, my dad would push me in on one of his boards

What Was Your First Surfboard?

Asher: My first board was a 5’0” used Orion, it was one of Ben Wingate’s old boards

Carlie: I got one of Ava McGowan’s used boards.  I think it was a 4’7”

Best Board You Have Ever Used?

Asher: I like them all

Carlie: I love my new Quietflight’s, especially the epoxy.

What Is Your Home Break?

Asher: New Smyrna Beach

Carlie: New Smyrna Beach, but we surf Ponce a lot.  We have so many friends on that side.

Why Did You Start Surfing?

Asher: My dad and sister wanted to share surfing with me and I also love the water

Carlie: My dad made me go out, at first I didn’t like it.  But I got used to falling and tumbling in the water and I just fell in love with the waves and the water.

Who Are Your Surfing Friends?

Asher: My sister, Jake, Victor, Donovan, Cash, Everett, Rad, Luke and Alana

Carlie: Ava and Maddie Lavender, Ava McGowan, Alana Lopez, Sarah Ryan, Paige Taylor and Grace Podratz

Which Music Do You Listen To?

Asher: Rob Zombie and Lil Nas X

Carlie: Maroon 5, Bon Jovi, Imagine Dragons and Billie Eilish

Best surf trip?

Asher: Panama and getting washed over the reef at Santa Catalina in 8’ surf.  It took me 45 minutes to paddle back out around the reef.  The locals paddled over to my dad and told him that I would be ok, it’s not too shallow

Carlie: Puerto Rico, I went there when I was 8 and was still getting pushed into waves.  My dad pushed me into a bomb at Maria’s.  I also surfed Surfer’s Beach and got run over by a paddle boarder from Florida at Wilderness that wasn’t fun though.


Asher: Quietflight, Grom and of course Mom and Dad.

Carlie: Quietflight, Eidon and of course my Mom and Dad.

Do you do any training?

Asher: My sister and I work out with a personal trainer a few times a week.  We also skate when the surf is flat at our ramp in the backyard.

Carlie: My brother and I have a personal trainer and we skate on our mini ramp at home.

Best contest ever?

Asher: The Daytona Beach and Board Fest. I got a perfect 10 score in my semifinal heat and even though I didn’t win my friends met me at the water and gave me a chair up I felt so special.

Carlie: Last year’s Rip Curl Gromsearch.  I made the girls 16U Finals and was the youngest girl to qualify for the Gromsearch National Finals at the BSR Wave Pool.

How important is surfing in your life?

Asher: It is the most important thing ever; all I want to do is be like John John Florence

Carlie: Surfing is a part of me, I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t surfing.  My dream is to make the tour.

What advice can you give to keep the beaches clean?

Asher: Do not use plastic and throw it on the ground.  Pick it up and throw it away.

Carlie: Recycle plastics and if you see trash on the beach, stop and pick it up.

Favorite activity besides surfing?

Asher: I love skating

Carlie: Anything outdoors

Local surfers that I look up to?

Asher: Dustin Richardson always talks to me and cheers me on, Eric Geiselman is always stoked to see me in the water and at the skatepark.  Michael Dunphy is always nice to me, Adam Lattore is super cool to me ever since he almost ran me over at the skate park, lol. Bobby Levy is so fun to watch and surf with and he listens to me when I talk forever. Ethan Harbinson, Ava McGowan and Ben Wingate are always fun to surf with.  Braeden Kopec is always nice to me, one time he gave me a brand new set of shades from one of his sponsors.

Carlie: Eric Geiselmen is so nice and hugs me when I see him, Dustin Richardson does amazing airs and cheers me on in the water.  Ava McGowan is so sweet and has always been a great friend and she absolutely rips in the water.

What are you working on in surfing?

Asher: I’m really trying to land airs

Carlie: I’m working on going vertical and I really want to do airs

Favorite thing to do in surfing?

Asher: Getting barreled and airs

Carlie: I really enjoy getting on rail and carving.

Favorite Pro Surfer?

Asher: John John Florence and Caio Ibelli.  I met Caio at the Surf Expo and we went surfing together at Typhoon Lagoon.  He surfed with me the entire session.  I can’t wait for the tour to start again so I can cheer him on.

Carlie: Lakey Peterson, Felipe Toledo and Caio Ibelli.  I have always looked up to Lakey, she’s my inspiration.  I hope to be like her one day.  I really want to do airs like Felipe.  Caio is so nice.  We surfed with him at Typhoon Lagoon and he cheered all the kids on.  He was so cool to take time out to surf with us.

How are you doing with the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Carlie & Asher: Staying at home and surfing close to home.  I miss my Ponce crew and surfing with my friends.

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